The three pillars of ICC


1. Support for Nurses.

2. Training Center & Supervision for German Language

3. Scholarships for Students

German language schools play an important part for many people who want to follow their dream of working in Germany; but without regard to, many German entrepreneurs simply started a project of setting up a German school to gain on the demand of workers in Germany. For most of them, It was just as simple as  getting someone who already possesses the language skills, (at least a bit) and  place him into teaching; that happens even before creating a curriculum taken from the most diverse sources.

Be that as it may, the skill requirement is high and in the end there is an examination wherein the candidate has to face a committee conforming a completely high standard. Here, unveils the fatal management error of the schools which accounts for the failure of approximately 70% of the students taking the language tests.

Making the matter even worse,  the students hardly have the money to pay the school and often have to work along the side of studying.  Mostly needs a full-time job in order to “accumulate savings” from the money they earn, then spend it on the next course, so during the temporary cessation from the school, they tend to forget most of the things they had learned.  There are also some language schools who only train candidates only for the examination which construed the purpose of “just passing the test! “; long way to the skills needed  to effectively come through the daily professional life.

And the chain of unwanted circumstance does not stop there. When the candidates sit for an examination, the application for the VISA date has to be registered, which takes 5 to 9 months before the given schedule, that is another deviation from the language skills earned; and when the interview date takes place, everything falls in.

This is the point where the ICC Institute gets in. We train the schools, offer them a supervision and proper marketing and hiring of teacher programs that bring in a quality and standard conforming the demand  For the students, we offer a scholarship to get support in learning the language.

How much do you pay for Translation?

One of the big business is now the translation of documents for overseas workers.
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ICC-1plus Club Membership

In applying for a job in a foreign country, or at least in getting information about the legal process and requirements, many candidates find themselves absolutely over challenged. Our network of members, resources and  information centers will  give you the right answers. The membership doesn’t involve any costs and opens a lot of opportunities for you.


Everybody who are enrolled in a Philippine licensed German language school can apply for a scholarship with us; though some rules for approval and awarding may apply. Every year ICC manages to get a  certain amount of money for project funding from various companies and institution partners of the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Here, we’ve listed some common questions which people tend to ask and our answers in line with the scholarship programme.

We certify schools

German language schools prepare people for living in Germany. Yet, the standard doesn’t always meet the requirements of the German institutions. Let’s get your school certified. Get up to five GEMS. This is the best support in marketing you can get. With one to five GEMS so students know what they receive. Please check here for further details:


Language School Affiliation. Language schools can accredit for the scholarship programme. The accredition does not depend on a certification. A short assessment can clarify if your school is suited for our programme. Get your first GEM through this. This is the best support in marketing you can get. Please check here for further details:


There’s no use in a language school which doesn’t meet ist goals. In order to meet the standards of German institutions, your language school has to adjust itself to the regulations. Do you need any help or support here? The Goal of the German examination institutes. TELC, Goethe, DAF or ÖSD. Make the best of your school. Our supervisors as well as our written material will help you there. Please check here for further details: