The benefits of membership

In order to apply for a job in a foreign country, or in order to gain information about what is necessary to do so, many candidates find themselves absolutely over challenged. Our network of members and our sources and information centres can help save a lot of time there.

A membership doesn’t involve any costs and opens a lot of doors.


What does the Membership look like?

  1. The applicant becomes a Silver Member of the ICC-1Plus Club.
  2. The membership doesn’t involve any fees and is not depending on a scholarship programme.
  3. The applicant can always apply for an additional scholarship programme in any language school connected to the ICC.
  4. This card is preliminary to a binding membership in the ICC-1Plus Club, an application to become a full member (Gold Card) has to be submitted separately.
  5. Support via the ICC Institut in all questions and problems regarding relocation
  6. A contact person in all emerging hurdles in the Philippines as well as in Germany
  7. One point of contact in all emergencies in the Philippines as well as in Germany
  8. Help with Change of Place of Work in Germany
  9. Check of the Contracts from Employer
  10. Check for legal basis and truth content of Contracts and MOA


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